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These are the archived PDF newsletters from between 2010 to 2018.

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For interim management or quality improvement solutions that are effective and affordable, get in touch with Click, specialists in further education.

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We have been working with Click for over 5 years now and have always secured a highly responsive and fast paced turnaround with high quality interims well suited to our culture and business requirements. Click definitely go the extra mile in understanding our role descriptions, delivering a bespoke solution and are diligent and conscientious in monitoring the performance of interims. I would highly recommend their services.
Group Principal & CEOLondon and South East Education Group (LSEC)
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The team at Click are always very responsive and keen to determine your exact requirements so that they can quickly start to identify the most appropriate person for your role. It helps immensely that the Click team are all highly experienced FE professionals in their own right, so they really understand what you are trying to achieve. The interims that I have worked with have all been very experienced, very professional and able to hit the ground running – exactly what you need from an interim …
Assistant PrincipalAbingdon & Witney College
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Click provides an excellent service tailored to the needs of the organisation. I have been really impressed by the quality of consultants provided by Click to provide targeted support. They have been very knowledgeable, adaptable and flexible around the needs of our organisation. They are able to engage staff and teams in a non-threatening manner to drive improvements. I would therefore unreservedly recommend Click to any other college seeking similar support and services.
VP TeachingLearning & Success, Havering College
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Oxford and Cherwell Valley College has used Click for a range of interim management posts and other support services. The service Click provided was highly professional, efficient and flexible. In a very short period of time they provided us with outstanding members of staff who fitted into the culture and values of our organisation immediately. They worked tirelessly to ensure services to our students were outstanding. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Principal and Chief ExecutiveActivate Learning
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Mel S
The support from the Click team prior to and during my assignment in the Middle East was fantastic. Working with the team gave me a seamless move from supporting a college in the UK, to going out to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Whilst away, contact with the team was regular and extremely supportive, not just about the role but about living and working in the Middle East. This support makes any assignment with Click a great one and a pleasure to work as an associate.
Mel SClick Associate
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Fara B
It has been a pleasure working with Click as an Associate over the last six years. Click is a company that brings professionalism, enthusiasm and energy to each and every challenge that comes its way. The team provide steadfast direction in a collaborative way always keeping the end goal in sight.  Unsurprisingly, they have become one of the best leaders in the field due to their years of experience and their proven track record supporting colleges in an ever changing climate. I look forward to…
Fara BClick Associate
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Jo C
I have found Click to be the best agency to do business with. You can enter a placement knowing you are in good hands and that your needs will be considered alongside those of the organisation. All the staff working for Click are extremely supportive and their loyalty to you and their business is evident in the communication and contact. I am sure that their contribution to the FE sector is recognised as one of the most valuable and significant.
Jo CClick Associate
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Keith B
Your passion for the FE sector is clear and that is what drives the work of all those associated with Click, which is without a shadow of doubt the most efficient and supportive organisation I have ever worked with. Long may it continue to be so successful.
Keith BClick Associate
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Ian G
I was recommended to work for Click by some of my peers. They said they were the best managing agency to work for. They were correct in their assertion. From the moment I was interviewed I realised this was a company that not only had a drive and passion for further education but also a professional attitude towards their consultants. Over the last few years I’ve had a number of interesting and challenging opportunities which I have in enjoyed. I feel valued and appreciated and I hope to…
Ian GClick Associate
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